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Welcome to the World of Fine Jewels

Angel Jewels LLP is a family-owned company driven by strong ethical beliefs and irreproachable corporate standards. Through it’s corporate responsibility and philanthropic initiatives, Angel Jewels is also committed to address important ethical,social and environmental issues for its communities.

Angel Jewels understands the modern bride more than anyone else as history accounts for their path is paved with a deep understanding for the bride’s evolving love for the contemporary with a foundation of vintage. A balance between these two worlds gives way to a creation that is truly extraordinary. High-grade pearls, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones are used in combination with gold and diamonds with a touch of their timeless craftsmanship. Angel Jewels, takes pride in the quality of their handpicked craftsmen who are pioneers and masters in their field. With decades of experience, they carry a legacy with them, which is displayed in their impeccable creations.

The brand believes in transforming the new age millennial bride to an informed and smart investor who is expected to inspect, ask questions and be informed about the designs she desires to possess. When she brings home a piece of jewellery from Angel, she should feel convinced, elated and most importantly proud of her distinctive choices.

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